List of Virgin or Miraculous Birth Myths

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  1. Romulus and Remus – founder of Rome
    1. “Romulus and Remus were the twin sons of Rhea Silvia of the royal house of Alba Longa. She was a vestal virgin, who had made a vow of perpetual chastity. When she produced children, her uncle, who had usurped the throne, imprisoned her and ordered the babies to be drowned, even though she claimed she had been raped by the god Mars.” -- Wikipedia - Romulus and Remus
    2. “Nevertheless, by the 4th century BC, the fundamentals of the Romulus and Remus story were standard Roman fare, and by 269 BC the wolf and suckling twins appeared on one of the earliest, if not the earliest issues of Roman silver coinage.” -- Ancient Rome - Robert Payne
  2. Mut-em-ua, the virgin Queen of Egypt, supposedly gave birth to Pharaoh Amenkept III through a god holding a cross to her mouth.
  3. Another Egyptian god, Ra (the Sun), was said to have been born of a virgin mother, Net (or Neith), and to have had no father.
  4. In Phrygia, Attis was born of the virgin Nana.
  5. In India, the god Krishna was born of the virgin Devaki.
  6. So was Perseus, Mithras, Genghis Khan, Horus, Mercury, Melanippe, Auge and Antiope.
  7. The Aztec God, Huitzilopochtli
  8. Fo-Hi, founder of the Manchu dynasty
  9. Of Plato it was related that his mother Perictione was a virgin who conceived him immaculately by the god Apollo. Apollo himself revealed the circumstances of this conception to Ariston, the betrothed husband of the virgin.
  10. Herakles ?
  11. Pythagoras ?
  12. Apollonius of Tyana ?
  13. Augustus Ceasar ?
  14. Alexander the Great ?
  15. Theagenes the Olympic Champion ?
  16. Hercules – birth from God Zeus and human Alcmene