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Country:  United States of America


My Background


I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church family.  My mother was the spiritual leader.  My dad did not participate in religious activities to any significant degree.  I attended church activities throughout my formative years and was baptized along the way.  I left home for college and stopped attending church activities, joined a fraternity and had a good ole time. 


Then through a series of circumstances, I “got religion” again during graduate school, met my future spouse, and started attending church activities again.  I still questioned whether I was really a believer and had many conversations with my fellow Christians, but eventually concluded I was a believer and was, again, baptized to show outward evidence of my beliefs.  This is when I started my journey of reading all the books on my Reading List under “on God Exists.”  I was essentially searching for the truth, but in defense of my religious beliefs.  This carried on for the next 20 years or so.


The Turning Point


During this journey, I read Origin of Species and closely examined the Theory of Evolution which piqued my interest in genetics and led to reading some genetics books.  I was reading through the Bible’s Old Testament, specifically, Genesis 30: 31 – 43, about Jacob's manipulation of Laban's animal flock using striped sticks to cause the breeding of spotted and striped offspring.  Google this story to get the details.  Having gotten “up to speed” on genetics, I found this story as representing ancient, but invalid, beliefs on how to manipulate the characteristics of animal offspring.


Since Genesis and other books of the bible are considered God’s revelation to man and “absolute truth,” I found it perplexing that God didn’t advise Jacob to use breeding techniques that we know today actually work.  I concluded that this story could not have come from an All-Knowing God which started my journey to question God’s existence and the reading the many books on my Reading List under “on God Doesn’t Exist.”


I then decided to start summarizing my research by writing it down and posting publicly on a website.

College Education


Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering


*General Botany

*General Botany Lab

*Basic Algebra

*General Psychology

*General Chemistry 1

*General Chemistry Lab

*Fundamentals of Economics

*Freshman Composition 1

*Engineering Graphics

*General Chemistry 2

*Qualitative Inorganic Analysis

*Freshman Composition 2

*College Algebra

*Technical English


*Advanced General Psychology

*Principles & Elements of Sociology

*Introduction to Electrical Engineering

*English Literature

*Physical Geography

*Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1

*Electrical Circuits 1

*Digital Computer Programming

*English Literature

*Analytical Geometry & Calculus 2

*General Physics

*General Physics Lab

*Analytical Geometry & Calculus 3

*Electrical Circuits 2

*Electrical Circuits Lab

*Introduction to Linear Algebra

*Analytical Geometry & Calculus 4

*Electrical Circuits 3

*General Physics 2

*Introduction to Electric & Magnetic Fields

*Electrical Circuits Lab 2

*Mechanical Statics

*Ordinary Differential Equations 1

*Electrical Machinery

*Electrical Machinery Lab

*Strength of Materials

*Physics of Solid State Matter

*Mechanical Dynamics

*Thermodynamics 1

*Professional Speaking

*Microchip Software Design

*Analog Electronics

*Electrical Design Lab

*Special: Voice Circuit Design

*Power Systems

*Ethics and Professionalism

*Electrical Engineering Design

*Electrical & Magnetic Fields

*Communication Systems

*Automatic Control Systems

*Electrical Design - IBM Fared 32-port Driver System

*Elementary Fluid Mechanics

*Engineering Economy


Master of Science - Computer Science


*PL/1 Programming

*Computer Lab

*Systems Engineering

*Systems Programming

*Foundations of Computer Science

*Active Network Synthesis

*Information Processing

*Data Structures

*Computer Graphics

*Special Problems: Expert Systems

*Systems: Software

*Computer Performance Measurement & Evaluation

*Systems Design

*Distributed Systems

*Machine Vision

*Research & Thesis : Robotic End Effector


Additional Classes & Certifications


*Engineering in Training Exam - 8 hour test

*PMI Project Management Professional - 2 hour test

*ISC2 Computer Information System Security Professional - 6 hour test

*GIAC Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional- 3 hour test

*Microsoft Certified Professional - three 2 hour tests

*Citrix Certified Administrator - two 2 hour tests

*Contracts & Procurement

*Highly Effective Criticism & Discipline Skills for Managers & Supervisors

*Coaching and Team Building Skills for Managers & Supervisors

*How to Excel at Managing and Supervising People

*Process Focus Workshop

*Project Management Class

*IT Project Management: Keys to Executive Support

*Principles of Project Management

*Project 2000 Introduction

*Information System Security Seminar

*Developing Your Managerial Effectiveness

*Fundamentals of Supervision

*Supporting Microsoft Cluster Server

*Cabletron Systems FDDI Network Course

*Cabletron MMAC-Plus Course

*Cabletron Spectrum User Course

*Cabletron Spectrum Administration Course

*Lotus R4 Application Development 1

*IBM AIX System Administration

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